Bitpals – Web Design and Programming is a sole propietorship owned and operated by Timm Rebitzki (that’s me). Since other people also help me on some projects I decided to acknowledge that fact by making the name plural, as in “me and my pals that do bits of this and that,” or “people shuffling (binary) bits around.”

These are some of the people I occasionally work with: Lydia Strutzberg (copywriter), Ralph Hertsch (PHP programming), Simone Voigt (graphics) and Hanno Transchel (graphics).

The primary work focus is programming web applications, and web design is part of that. As this site expands I will be publishing references and more details.

I’m still helping people out with computer problems and enjoy getting stubborn PCs running again and making their owners happy. I had actually started out doing this full time along with training people to get more out of their computer and jumping into the wonderful world of Photoshop and other software. This has devolved into more of a sideline to keep supporting long-standing customers, which is why I’ve kept the hourly rate embarassingly low. But if someone new calls for help I just cannot refuse.

There are also some smaller niches I cater to. You may have noticed that I am bilingual English/German; so I do some translating in business, technical and scientific areas. I also give advice on the feasability of small or large projects having to do with any part of the IT world. My resumé is available to anyone with legitimate interest; just drop me a line.